Katie McGlynn weight loss: The ‘right food’ that helped Corrie star lose a stone in weeks

Katie McGlynn, a former cast member of Coronation Street who portrayed Sinead Tinker, admitted she gained more than a stone during her final months on the ITV soap, but the actress has since slimmed down. What was her secret?

She never ceases to astound admirers with her social media photos showcasing her incredibly smaller shape, and she recently announced that she lost that stone in just 12 weeks.

She started a 12-week program at Manchester’s Ultimate Performance Gym, which helped her get her nutrition and exercise in order.

In fact, it made her fall in love with working out, and even after the program was over, she still routinely visits the gym.

But according to specialists, the key to starting a weight loss journey is diet.

Between takes, Katie claimed, she was indulging on snacks and soon discovered she was buying clothes that were two sizes larger than usual.

She remarked of her final plotline, in which Sinead tragically passed away following a battle with cancer, “It was such a heartbreaking thing to be taking part in.”

“I was sobbing in almost every scene, and I would frequently eat cake to make myself feel better.

When I was tired, I would eat crew-made flapjacks or nibble on biscuits in the green room.

She recalls drinking a lot of diet soda and “eating so much sugar” in between scenes.

“I was creeping up to a size 12 when ordering clothes, which isn’t horrible at all, but it was bigger than I typically am,” she said. Normally, she wears a size 8 to 10.

“I wasn’t adequately nourishing myself, and I had gained over a stone.”

So, after saying goodbye to the cobbles in 2019, she focused on getting back in shape and quickly lost a lot of weight.

She uttered: “It was simple to adhere to the diet even though I went there three times per week with a personal trainer.

“There were just healthy fats like salmon, eggs, and nut butter; there were no smoothies or packages of this or that.

“I don’t eat red meat, and because oats promote sleep, I’ve been eating them at night.

“Even when my program is over, I won’t stop. She told Closer, “I’m going to keep doing it since I now have a taste for fitness.

The TV personality previously admitted that as the plot of her fictional alter ego’s tragedy developed, she was still “mourning” her and had no time to prepare nutritious meals.

She admitted to The Sunday Mirror, “I was so exhausted when I arrived home that I’d ordered a takeaway.

“There were flap jacks, chocolates, and other sweets flying everywhere on stage.”

However, it appears that her efforts have paid off since she has stopped eating takeout and snacks.

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