Katie Hill, who plays Sarah in Emmerdale, tells what will happen next in her major new plotline.

“I’m overjoyed that Emmerdale is returning to Sarah’s tumultuous past.

Emmerdale spoilers.

Sarah Sugden’s Emmerdale will be rocked next week when she has a conversation about mortality with the grief-stricken Liam Cavanagh and then collapses for an unknown cause.

This prompts her to seek out the contact information for her heart donor’s family, but will she be successful in locating them?

“I’m really happy that Emmerdale is revisiting Sarah’s tumultuous history,” actor Katie Hill told Inside Soap magazine.

“Sarah has a complicated medical history, and physicians have warned her that her life may be cut short.

“So, with Leanna’s death and Granny Faith’s mysterious illness, all of her concerns have been amplified… she’s gripped with terror.

“Sarah is adamant about learning more about (her donor family), and I can attest to that. Sarah begins her own investigation, and she does locate a member of the family who is willing to meet with her.”

Will Sarah be able to overcome her anxieties of dying young, despite having someone from her family meet her? Or will Cain and Belle persuade her not to meet them, fearful that it may exacerbate her anxiety?

Sarah’s collapse scenes will air on Thursday, August 5 at 7 p.m. and 8 p.m. on ITV’s Emmerdale. It also airs every other weeknight at 7 p.m.

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