Josie Gibson red-faced as Corrie’s Sue Devaney shares Michael Le Vell’s reaction to ‘crush’

As Coronation Street actress Sue Devaney recounted Michael Le Vell’s response to Josie Gibson’s “good wine” remarks, Josie Gibson was left mortified.

On This Morning, the 37-year-old previously confessed to having a crush on Kevin Webster, comparing him to a “great wine” that improves with age.

Sue Devaney, the star of Debbie Webster, co-hosted the ITV program today with Craig Doyle.

Since you are Kevin’s sister, Josie said: “We’ve need to discuss about your surname – the character’s surname.

Sue pointed to the ground and said, “Listen, I know, I know.” Because, didn’t you, you had a crazy crush? Regarding Kevin. He’s like a nice wine, you stated last time, right?

In the green room, I went back to him and told him, “Oh, Michael, you’re like a beautiful wine!”

Josie, who was blushing, inquired, “What did he say?!”

His small face said, “Oo, huh,” Sue remarked.

Josie was stunned when she saw a personal message from the star on This Morning earlier this year.

Phil sarcastically commented, “She doesn’t know anything about this, he’s actually been in touch,” in reference to her remarks from the previous week.

Josie gasped, her face becoming scarlet, and covering her mouth with her hands.

He isn’t present, is he? Josie queried.

Phil responded, “He’s not here, no. “You took that one big, didn’t you? He wanted to say this, though,”

Then, as he addressed her, Michael appeared on television and said: “Hi Josie. This is Michael Le Vell. I recently caught your brief “excellent wine” remark on This Morning. I received it from someone, and guess what?

I only play it occasionally in the pub to get the guys riled up. But many thanks for that! And perhaps someday we’ll actually meet in the studio! Have a great day and thanks again.

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