Jonny McPherson partner: Is Emmerdale’s Liam Cavanagh star in a relationship?

On Emmerdale, Jonny is best known for his role as Liam Cavanagh, Leyla Harding’s husband and the father of the late Leanna Cavanagh.

For the past eight years, the actor has intermittently appeared in the ITV soap opera; the character first joined the cast as a regular in 2018.

He began that time as the husband of Maya Stepney and afterwards attempted to wed Bernice Blackstock before finally getting married to Leyla.

Has the actor met a partner with whom he can have a family?

Jonny McPherson, a star of Emmerdale, is he dating anyone?

The actor is reportedly unmarried right now, but if he is in a relationship, he is keeping it private, according to rumors.

The soap star is very private about his romantic relationships on social media, but he regularly updates his followers on another important person in his life.

This is his dog, Molly, who frequently appears on Jonny’s Twitter page where he posts images of his dog.

The actor shared a photo of Molly in a field after his character’s devastating plot last year, in which Liam mourned the loss of Leanna.

He stated: “I thought I’d take this time to thank all those @emmerdale watchers who got in touch over the past week to thank them for the lovely remarks because Molly was insistent that I wish you all a happy hello. Enjoy your weekends, everyone.”

Although he appears to have a dog for company, it was revealed during the first lockdown that he was dating one of his co-stars.

They dated for about a year, and Natalie J. Robb, who portrays Moira Barton on the show, was involved.

The two stars of the primetime serial drama were eager to pursue their relationship further after spending some extra time together on a charity trip to Lapland.

The two ended up out on a few dates and were getting along great before the lockdown was implemented in March 2020.

The two made the decision to live together after realizing that coronavirus limitations would prevent them from seeing each other.

Jonny explained this development in the relationship by saying: “We had to decide, just like many other couples did. We made the decision to live together, so yes, lockdown accelerated our relationship.

“We get along great. Despite having very different upbringings, we are essentially the same person. We are both two older children.

“We both laugh at the same ridiculous things. When the lockdown is in place, there is nowhere to hide.

“It’s an actual test to see if you get along with someone, and thankfully we passed with flying colors. Prior to that Lapland trip, we hadn’t really spent any time together, but we hit it off immediately.

“Natalie has taught me so much. Since she was a knee-high child, she has worked on television. We spend entire hours analyzing scripts and learning lines since we both love our jobs so much “He spoke with The Mirror.

The couple had been dating for a year at the time of this interview, and the actor said he was having a “wonderful time” with his relationship.

Unfortunately, it was revealed the two had broken up and were no longer a couple by the summer of last year.

Given that the two show’s stars have continued to appear in sequences together on TV, it appears that the relationship terminated amicably.

Soon after the split was announced, Jonny even provided an update on his health during an appearance on ITV’s Lorraine.

The actor claimed at the time that he had returned to his boat, where he had been residing prior to moving in with Natalie.

The performer said “You have everything you require. I feel that if I move into a typical home after living there for around four years: “What do you do with all this space? There’s a lot!

“It is a traditional English narrow boat that is seven feet wide. So I can hardly even extend my arms! I can just about touch my toes because the cottage is seven feet tall.

“You have a living area where you can watch television or do other things, a dining area, a kitchen, and a bedroom. And that is all you need to know.

“The wonderful thing about living on a boat is that you can cast off and chug down the way if you become fed up with your neighbors!”

Jonny also mentioned getting Molly, a rescue dog, in the beginning of the previous year.

“She is gorgeous. She is a collie and a whippet hybrid. About six months ago, I purchased her from the RSPCA in Doncaster “He clarified.

“With a rescue dog, I believe you never really know what you’re going to get. She truly is a jewel.

“Her previous owner, who I believe to have been an 82-year-old woman, supposedly handed her up in tears, saying: “It’s just not fair for me to look after her.”

“She seems to have had a really wonderful upbringing, since she is so collected, kind, and courteous. She makes the ideal pub dog.

She is so calm and doesn’t bark that you can take her to the bar without a leash. She is wonderful.

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