Jay Kontzle children: How many children does the Emmerdale Billy Fletcher star have?

Jay Kontzle originally joined the Emmerdale cast in 2018, and his marriage to Dawn earlier this year had a significant impact.

The newlyweds in the ITV series had been keen to create a family of their own ever since their nuptials.

The couple opted to foster a child instead after realizing a young girl needed a home, and they accepted Clemmie into their home. Here is all the information you require regarding Jay Kontzle’s private family life.

How many kids does Jay Kontzle, a star of Emmerdale, have?

The Emmerdale actor Jay is wed to his artist wife Mimi, with whom he shares two kids.

They have a six-year-old girl named Kaibo as well as a four-year-old boy named Zian.

However, Jay and Mimi revealed last month that they were expecting their third child.

The actor was pleasantly surprised by this because the couple had no intention of having any more kids.

“Mimi contacted me during my lunch break on set and told me, I was there eating lunch in the sun, and all of a sudden I grew hot and started dripping with sweat,” he said, according to OK! Magazine.

“I was somewhat surprised! Prior to that, Mimi had requested a pregnancy test, to which I responded, “A pregnancy test? With the rising cost of living, that is a substantial sum of money.

Then, while I was at work, she made the decision to scuttle plans during lunch!

Although Mimi’s exact stage of pregnancy is unknown, judging on the size of her stomach, their family may add a fifth member by the end of the year.

No discussion about the potential gender of their unborn kid has yet been place.

They will give them a Chinese name, as they did with their first two children, because Mimi is of Chinese origin.

Jay claims that KaiBo is about family, but Zian is about calm and waves.

In the upcoming months, their followers will undoubtedly learn the baby’s name and gender.

When Jay was still a member of his previous band The Mend, Mimi first encountered him when she went to one of his performances in Cheshire.

The Mend performed with the ensemble on Britain’s Got Talent, reaching the live finals before being eliminated.

During the performance, Mimi and her sister, who was a huge admirer, who was also at the gig, ran into each other.

Jay and Mimi welcomed their daughter a few weeks after getting married in 2017.

Clemmie was welcomed into Billy and Dawn’s home in Emmerdale, but she is still extremely reserved.

She is afraid to leave the social worker’s side, but with the aid of Lucas (Dexter Ansell), they are able to persuade Clemmie to open up a little.

Will Clemmie be able to adjust to her new environment, or do Billy and Dawn have a hopeless situation?

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