Jai Sharma makes shock discovery about Manpreet and dead dad Rishi in Emmerdale

Despite the disagreement that followed his father Rishi Sharma’s death, the businessman is mourning his loss.

Jai Sharma makes a terrible revelation regarding his late father and erstwhile stepmother Manpreet next week on Emmerdale.

Jai Sharma (played by Chris Bisson) was devastated after his own wedding when it was found that his father Rishi had died after falling down the stairs.

The father-son combo had been arguing since the businessman discovered Rishi was adopted, which he had kept a secret his entire life.

Jai’s father was subsequently discovered to be Rishi’s brother, who had an affair with Jai’s mother Georgia.

While they struggled to make peace once the truth was revealed, Jai was looking forward to Rishi attending his wedding with Laurel Thomas – but he never showed up.

Since then, the ITV soap has seen Jai and his family in mourning, but things could be heating up again next week following Laurel’s kidnapping ordeal.

It all starts with Charles Anderson, the village vicar who has been trying to let his father Victor (Eddie Osei) back into his life.

Charles is concerned that Victor is not only alive, despite assertions to the contrary, but has also re-established his claws.

At the Café, Charles vents his concerns about his father to his partner Manpreet Sharma (Rebecca Sarker).

The GP has been advising Charles to maintain good relations with his father, so Jai is horrified when she learns that Manpreet’s necklace is a family heirloom that Rishi shouldn’t have given away.

She is apprehensive of what to do when Jai requests it back because it is the last memory she has of her ex-husband Rishi.

Later, when Claudette asks Charles to get out of the way of a romantic dinner she is preparing for Victor, Charles is unimpressed.

Jai, who is upset that Charles isn’t on her side, continues to beg Manpreet to give up the jewelry.

Will Jai move on, or could this spark a new feud?

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