Jack P Shepherd age: How old is Coronation Street’s David Platt star?

How old is the Coronation Street star, who has been portrayed by JACK P SHEPHERD for more than 20 years?

David Platt, a former juvenile terror on Coronation Street who has grown up to become the neighborhood barber on the cobblestones, is portrayed by Jack P Shepherd.

While he may have become more composed in recent years, he is never too far from the compelling stories of the ITV soap opera because his family is almost always involved in some sort of conflict.

David Platt was born on Christmas Day of 1990, as fans of Coronation Street are already aware.

Young David was portrayed by actor Thomas Ormson from his debut appearance till his departure in March 2000.

Jack P Shepherd initially appeared as 10-year-old David one month later and hasn’t turned back since.

It is therefore not surprising that fans are curious to learn more about the man who plays David Platt.

David in Coronation Street will so turn 32 at the end of this year, according to this information.

How old is Coronation Street’s David Platt actor Jack P Shepherd?

Jack P. Shepherd, who plays David Platt on Corrie, is a touch older than his ITV persona.

Shepherd, an actor, was born on January 14, 1988, making him 34 years old.

Shepherd wasn’t originally intended to remain in the soap opera for very long, despite the fact that he may now be one of its most well-known stars.

In fact, Shepherd previously claimed that when he was a child, his contract lasted barely three months.

Shepherd stated to Manchester Evening News: “I thought, ‘Oh that’s good. It’s a good job for three months, after which I’ll try to move on to other opportunities.

However, they insisted on keeping me about like a nasty smell.

Shepherd was given the finest actor award 10 years after winning the British Soap Award for villain of the year in 2008.

Last year, he also took up the TV Choice Award for Best Soap Actor.

Shepherd shared with his fans on Instagram, along with a sweet photo of him as a child dressed as Bugsy Malone, that becoming an actor wasn’t always in his plans.

“At age 11, I was Bugsy Malone,” he said.

“In 1998, I was having academic troubles.

“My mother was pulling her hair out, and the classroom had no textbooks. I used to write the title and the date, and that was all there was to it.

“Teachers were at a loss about what to do. I simply did s** all; I wasn’t naughty or disruptive in class. Nothing.

Then came the six weeks of vacation. You won’t be sitting on that PlayStation for 6 weeks, she warned.

“You’re going to a youth club with your sister. Put on these tiny jazz shoes and go in the back of the automobile right away because you can act, sing, and dance!” (sic)

One admirer simply responded to his walk down memory lane with the words “And a star was born.”

While one person remarked on how much they “enjoy this tale,” another remarked on how “proud” he must be making his family.

It was said: “You were destined for greatness, and I know your parents are incredibly proud of you. I am sure I would be.”

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