ITV’s Lorraine gobsmacked as Emmerdale guest shares secret link to Diana Ross

The most recent guest on Lorraine Kelly’s show, an Emmerdale actor, stunned everyone when he disclosed his close relationship to Diana Ross, a legendary musician.

On Wednesday, the 63-year-old Scottish host was back in charge of her ITV morning show (March 29).

Kevin Mathurin, who portrays vicar Charles Anderson on the popular soap opera Emmerdale, was interviewed by Lorraine on the program.

Nevertheless, when he disclosed that he had previously worked with music superstar Diana, Lorraine was taken speechless.

“My path started more with a dance profession when I left college in 1991, so I kept continuing down that road,” Kevin remarked.

What a fantastic time you had, Lorraine remarked.

She smiled and said, “I believe Madison Square Garden with Diana Ross.”

He said, “Yes,” and then laughed.

Lorraine remarked, “Well, that must have been the highlight of the entire trip,” to which Kevin responded, “Absolutely.”

In one instance, she decided, “Alright, I had a friend here in the crowd,” which caused us to come on stage believing we were performing a dance routine. She likes to switch the running order of the act.

Then as this friend enters the stage, Luther Vandross appears out of nowhere.

Whoa,” exclaimed Lorraine.

They then sing a duet of unending love, and Kevin continued, “I’m sitting there like, I can’t believe this is actually happening.”

Kevin initially made an appearance in the most well-known fictitious village in Yorkshire in December 2020. Before to that, he starred in a number of other films, including Doctors and Zack Snyder’s Justice League.

After being a part of countless dramatic stories on Emmerdale, the soap actor has solidified his fan base.

He had to shoot difficult scenes for the show’s survival episode in 2021, in which the actors went on an adventure day with the murderer Meena Julta.

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