ITV Tipping Point: Tony Maudsley’s ‘full circle’ Corrie career and Harry Potter role

Tony Maudsley, a well-known face on ITV, will be a guest on Tipping Point tonight.

Another celebrity edition of the game show, hosted by Ben Shephard, will feature three actors from the hit comedy Benidorm: Jake Canuso, Janine Duvitski, and Tony Maudsley. They will answer questions and line up the drop zones in an effort to raise as much money as they can for their favorite charities.

Currently, Tony’s hilarious work on ITV’s Coronation Street is what makes him most well-known.

He portrays George Shuttleworth, who, since making his Weatherfield debut in 2020, has established himself as a fan favorite among Coronation Street viewers.

His soap opera career has “come full circle,” he says. In his first TV part since graduating from theater school, he made his soap opera debut and was credited with twice playing a pub drinker.

Additionally, he appeared in a scene with Roy Barraclough as Alec Gilroy. He previously said on Lorraine Kelly’s self-titled ITV show that he had “gone full circle” while talking about the earlier moments.

He stated: “I worked on Corrie as soon as I graduated from acting school, so 30 years later, I feel like I’ve come full circle. I was in a scene with Roy Barraclough, and now, thirty years later, I’m back.”

The actor pleased fans earlier this year when he revealed that after signing a new deal, his character would continue to appear on the serial opera.

The Kirkby-born TV star, who was thrilled to announce the news on Instagram, posted a selfie with the Rovers Return in the background while wearing George’s customary attire.

“That’s me (and George) all signed up to Corrie till at least July 2023 and I couldn’t be happier,” he said as the description for the photo.

But Tony is recognized for more than just his soap opera fame; in the popular ITV series Benidorm, he portrayed the legendary hairdresser Kenneth Du Beke. From 2011 to 2018, he performed the role.

The 54-year-acting old’s career actually got its start in movies. In 1998, he was cast in A Life for a Life, playing the part of Stefan Kiszko.

When he made an appearance in The Order of the Phoenix, the fifth and most successful Harry Potter film, he also scored a significant role. Tony portrayed Grawp, the enormous half-brother that Hagrid brings back from his travels.

According to Tony, it was one of his most difficult roles to date. “I was dragged down by these gigantic monster feet that were so heavy, that I could never get into the canteen and back in time,” he said in an interview with Female First.

Additionally, Tony has a tenuous connection to Johnny Depp because they both acted in the movie Sleepy Hollow.

Inside Soap quoted him as saying, “I collaborated with Johnny Depp on the Sleepy Hollow movie very early in my career. I had been smoke-free for three years at the time, but Johnny offered me to join him for a roll-up in the rear of the set and I couldn’t refuse.

“So, there I was smoking a cigarette and trying to seem cool with Johnny. In Vanity Fair, Reese Witherspoon and I both made appearances. It’s been a really beautiful career. Little is known about Tony’s life outside of work and his life as seen on film.

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