ITV Emmerdale’s ‘surprising change’ sparks viewers to plead ‘what is going on’

On tonight’s episode of Emmerdale, a change caught viewers off guard.

The long-running soap opera’s Sunday episode continued to examine the effects of Leyla Cavanagh’s drug addiction problems. The character’s marriage to Liam has worsened as she attempts to beat her addiction battle.

To repair their marriage, the two had a couple’s therapy session earlier in the week. In tonight’s episode, they went back to the made-up village, but things remained tight between the two.

After being released from prison, Noah Dingle kept up his character improvement. The protagonist, who is working to repair his life, agreed to become Marcus Dean’s apprentice.

On weeknights, Emmerdale is typically televised at 7.30 p.m. However, after the passing of Queen Elizabeth II, ITV changed the schedule.

ITV has changed its regular programming since Her Majesty’s death at Balmoral on September 8 to accommodate in-depth coverage of the tragic event. Emmerdale was influenced by the coverage because the program that aired today was originally scheduled for Friday.

Twitter users who were watching the program responded to the “surprising” new timeslot by using the social media site.

“Emmerdale has been on since 6:30 pm WTF is going on,” one user commented.

Tweeted Teena “Unexpectedly, tonight’s #Emmerdale theme was heard. runs to the TV.”

Grandmother is thrilled that Emmerdale will be getting a surprise Sunday guest, Alex continued.

“Our Second Sunday visit to the village in 2 weeks WOW ain’t we lucky,” Ryan wrote in a post.

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