ITV Emmerdale’s Sally Dexter says she regrets asking bosses to kill off Faith Dingle

Faith Dingle, a beloved character on Emmerdale, will soon leave the ITV soap opera, and actress Sally Dexter has expressed sorrow over requesting managers to kill off her on-screen persona.

After learning that her cherished character, Faith, has terminal cancer, her future is set.

This week, Faith learned that her cancer had progressed and that the therapy had failed after undergoing it in an effort to buy her more time.

Faith Dingle, Shadrach Dingle’s ex-wife and mother of Cain and Chas Dingle, is well recognized for bringing joy and vigor to the big screen.

Despite not being the first actress to perform the part, Sally Dexter quickly made Faith Dingle her own and has since emerged as a fan favorite. In 2017, Sally Dexter took over the role of Faith Dingle.

Fans were happy to see the actress return to the show after an 18-month hiatus from the part in 2019. They had thought that this meant the villager would be sticking around for the foreseeable future.

After receiving a terminal secondary cancer diagnosis less than a year later, Faith will reportedly shortly be put to death. According to reports, her passing was inevitable.

And while though it was her choice to end the life of her character, Sally appeared to have strong second thoughts about notifying the show’s producers she would be leaving.

In an interview with our friends at The Mirror, Sally revealed that when she was asked to return as her fearsome role, she enquired as to if this may be Faith’s demise.

The actress intended to wrap up loose ends with her kids in order to atone for abandoning them when they were younger, but her original plan was slightly different from how things have turned out.

Producers wanted to continue Faith’s character’s previous cancer plot, despite Sally’s vision for Faith to save the days when a gunman entered the pub and started shooting.

The crew realized that secondary cancer had a significant impact on people and their families and that viewers at home could identify with this. As a result, they put this plot at the center of the show.

The actress who plays Faith Dingle expressed her skepticism: “I am incredibly upset because it means I will be going again, and I’ve been wondering why I suggested she died. Working on Emmerdale is amazing.

Sally added the “emotional” cancer plotline, which she claims has been “difficult to film,” has made her realize how fortunate she is: “I suppose I might start pushing the notion to them of having an Emmerdale ghost,” she quipped. In all honesty, this plotline has made me appreciate my good fortune.

It appears Faith’s last days will be spent with her family, and even her long-running conflict with Cain will be resolved before we say our final goodbyes to Faith, following a special episode reflecting on her life with her children.

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