ITV Emmerdale’s Matthew Wolfenden shared two-word statement before quitting soap

Just days before leaving ITV’s Emmerdale, Matthew Wolfenden photographed with her little seen “lookalike” son. The Emmerdale actor and former soap co-star Charley Webb are parents to three children.

Matthew remarked, “Mini Me” Vic, one of Vic’s followers, retorted, “He is exactly like you xx.” The words Kelly typed were “Was so lovely to meet you, you were so kind to my two kids, they were chuffed they got to meet you and have a picture.”

Mathew won’t make a lot of mistakes if he ends up like you, right? said Lorraine. It was a pleasure to meet you today, Tunstall stated.

I’m hoping Bowie was able to eat something to satisfy his hunger. Was very nice to meet you, and you were so courteous to my two kids. They were thrilled to meet you and get their picture taken, Kelly Isobel said.

Sorry, but I believe Buster and Bowie resemble their mother, but Ace is unquestionably a carbon copy of you, Nick replied. I hope you’re having a good weekend. When you two next visit, we’ll play a large game of meadow cricket, Walter replied. “Met u both with your dad in Cyprus water park,” Denise remarked. He has significantly matured.

After making a choice regarding his future, Matthew, who has played David Metcalfe on the drama since 2006, is planning to leave the show.

Matthew has had a fantastic experience on the drama, but is ready for a change, a source informed the Sun tabloid last night. He wants to see what else is available because he hasn’t recently been receiving any grim narratives.

He will have a lot of support for whatever he chooses to do next because he is a fan favorite. He is quite enthusiastic about the possibilities. He has only recently announced his departure, therefore the scriptwriters are planning his on-screen leave, the insider claimed. There’s a chance David won’t survive.

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