ITV Emmerdale’s Mark Charnock and Zoe Henry on what’s next for Marlon and Rhona as more family teased

Marlon Dingle and Rhona Goskirk have had a difficult year thus far, but they are about to enter a particularly happy period as they finally exchange vows. The couple will exchange vows in scenes that will appear on Emmerdale the following week, and they promise to be emotional.

For Marlon, the week begins with an unplanned stag party. However, as soon as he tries to stand up, his legs jerk and he drops to the ground.

Marlon accepts when Paddy advises that he visit the hospital for a checkup as long as there isn’t an ambulance there and Rhona is kept in the dark.

Marlon is completely distraught when the doctor tells him later at the hospital that he has stay overnight because the test results showed dangerously high blood pressure.

Marlon is completely perplexed when the doctor informs him that his blood pressure measurements are still too high for him to be discharged on the morning of the wedding.

Paddy tries to soothe Marlon, but as they both become agitated, they quickly get nowhere.

An exhilarated Rhona, who is fully in the dark, is anxious to make sure she keeps her word to her fiancé and shows up at the chapel on time.

Knowing what is happening, Chas Dingle alerts Vanessa Woodfield and begins making attempts to delay the bride.

Before Vanessa enlists Mary’s assistance, however, her tactics fail and she offends her friend. However, their attempts to keep Rhona from going to church are unsuccessful, and when she shows up for her wedding, Rhona senses something is up. And then Marlon and Paddy burst through the church doors just as Chas is ready to tell her the truth.

Marlon gets out of his wheelchair at the top of the aisle and, with the help of his loved ones, makes it to his bride. Everyone is moved as they exchange vows and eventually become husband and wife.

The newlyweds then celebrate their marriage with family and friends at The Woolpack, of all places.

However, Rhona and Marlon’s long-awaited nuptials will soon be over. What comes next?

The actors who portray the pair, though, aren’t lax. Zoe Henry and Mark Charnock were asked whether they would like to be a part of the 60th-anniversary celebrations in a decade during a recent press day at the Emmerdale hamlet in advance of the wedding and the 50th anniversary celebrations in October.

In the modern workplace, there is no room for complacency, according to Zoe, who spoke to the Manchester Evening News and other media.

The majority of our work is done under contracts that last from year to year, so I don’t believe anyone feels like they are here for the long haul.

As the beloved chef on the soap opera for 26 years, Mark continued, “Assume the worst is the greatest way to move on because you always have to give it your best effort.

And because it’s been a great job, never take it for granted. The 40th anniversary seems like it happened yesterday; that decade has flown by quickly.

Mark, 53, described the couple’s personalities as having a “long chart of history, they have already been through so many difficult situations, they sort of have this rich soil this family can develop out of.”

They have experienced experiences that can ruin relationships, let alone friendships. It is very encouraging that they are both still present.

But since this is soap opera land, Zoe noted: “I love this question because, while you can wax poetic and say, “Yeah, I think they’re soulmates,” in two years one of us will either be dead or with someone else.

Although we don’t truly know about his mother, she is talked about in the same way that I once swore “I vow on our mother’s grave.” Since we already know who his father was—Albert Dingle, played by Bobby Knutt—I think it would be hilarious to introduce Marlon’s mother.

And Zoe has casting in mind already. The 48-year-old said, “The person I really like the idea of is Frances De La Tour,” referring to the star of TV shows like Harry Potter and Rising Damp. She’d be ideal, Zoe said. Do they, however, know something that we do not yet? Nothing is predictable. All the stories are surprises,” he said, acknowledging that he had no idea what to expect.

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