ITV Emmerdale’s Lisa Riley’s heartbreak over ‘losing her world’ in devastating family tragedy

After publishing a lengthy and heartbreaking post on the anniversary of her mother’s passing, Lisa Riley of Emmerdale received a deluge of encouraging words from her followers.

The actress posted a framed photo of her mother on Twitter along with two candles on either side of it. She said, “MY FOREVER ANGEL,” to start.

“Today ten years ago, my entire world was lost. Everything is detailed here. When grieving, don’t go through it alone. Keep talking about your emotions.

Lisa went on: “Today marks the tenth anniversary of the death of my LOVED Mum Cath from cancer. The anguish I feel as I write this is just as intense as it was then. You’ve probably heard the phrase “it gets easier with time” a lot of times, right?

My mother left the biggest hole in my heart because she was so different, so humorous, so kind, so loving, incredibly joyful, and so generous with her time to EVERYONE.

“Everyone agrees that she sparkled like the brightest star they had ever seen.

Hearing “Cath Riley, once met, never forgotten” still brings tears to my eyes. Because I think my difficulty in accepting how young she was is the worst.

“This is the lesson I’ve taken away. I am tremendously fortunate to rely on my closest friends and family members. Al, my family, my closest friends, my coworkers and work family.

Because you all know that’s how I handle things best, you all keep me laughing on the days when I’m down and feeling particularly emotional.

“Please accept my sincere gratitude for this today. I hope anyone else reading this today who is truly grieving may find someone close to them to talk to since doing so allows you to express your inner sentiments. I say this with honesty and sincerity—it actually does.”

The actress was consoled by fans and pals in the comments section. ITV soap opera co-star Karen Blick, who portrays Lydia Dingle, tweeted: “Thinking of you and your family today darling.”

She sounded amazing, said @ShaunaLockers. I’m sending love your way. RT @JoannaCannon: “What a lovely tribute. The strangest and most challenging thing is celebrating anniversaries. I adore you so much.

Additionally, @JuliaStavordale tweeted: “Thinking of you today, Lisa. Sending lots of love and hugs. Cancer also claimed my mother’s life, and the void she left behind can never be replaced.

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