ITV Emmerdale’s Lisa Riley flooded with support over nine-year milestone as she says ‘I’m so proud’

Lisa Riley celebrated her eighth year of sobriety on Saturday. The ITV Emmerdale star has been showered with congratulations, and she admitted to followers on Instagram that she was “so proud.”

“CELEBRATION DAY TODAY 8 YEARS SOBER – true meaning of the word….PROUD…,” Lisa wrote.I’m having a grand celebration……FEELING VERY HAPPY…..collecting memories that I will remember FOREVER!!! Smiling for the right reasons, because my life is full with opportunities to love and be loved. HAPPIEST DAY…..clear, pleasant, honest, and most importantly, LOVED.”

Lisa continued by including the hashtags #sober #soberlife #anniversary #celebration #celebrate #eightyears #today #happy #soberliving #sobergirl #sobergirlsociety #soberinstagram #real #love #live @emmerdale #emmerdale. “That’s amazing news,” Bev Gray stated. You certainly exude brilliance and pleasure x”

“Why did you become sober?” Geraldine inquired. I’m thinking about doing the same.” Maggie exclaimed, “Amazing, so happy for you.” Clare Jones commented, “Beautiful as always.” “Well done, Lisa!!” Marilyn exclaimed. “Well done Lisa Riley….my baby steps 8 months alcohol free too!!” remarked Beautie. The best experience of my life! It’s difficult because my buddies try to get me to drink!”

“Congratulations, Lisa,” Kev remarked. You should be really pleased with yourself. Have a wonderful weekend, xx” “Congratulations Lisa, I’m so proud of you,” Erin replied. Have a wonderful weekend!” “Congratulations, that’s brilliant,” Debbie said. “You’re a star in so many ways, Lisa!” exclaimed Astonish. Amazing.”

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