ITV Emmerdale’s Lisa Riley admits she returned to soap too soon after family member died

Lisa Riley, a legend of Emmerdale, has spoken candidly about her anguish following the death of her partner’s mother and how she returned to the show too soon.

Since 1995, Lisa Riley, 46, who currently portrays Mandy Dingle, has shared her family’s recent tragedy with our colleagues at The Mirror.

Al’s mother, affectionately referred to by Lisa as “Nana,” passed away at the age of 79.

Before the funeral, Lisa returned to work and acknowledged that what she had done was wrong. It has been a dangerous moment, and the family is still extremely emotional about it, she said.

In retrospect, I should have taken my time returning to work when Nana died away.

“However, I wanted to continue anyhow, so I had to work incredibly hard to have scenes shot. I now realize that what I did before to the funeral was incorrect.

“I have previously spoken candidly about how both of my parents’ mothers passed away at a young age and how I always referred to Al’s mother as Nana,” Lisa said.

It’s been awful since she sadly lost her battle with cancer. Seeing someone in palliative care at the end of their life is the worst, in my opinion.

“It brought back all those emotions because it was exactly like my own mother, Cathy, who passed away in 2012. We were all quite close, and Al’s mother was like a second mom to me.

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