ITV Emmerdale’s Charity Dingle supported by fans after Mack’s ‘lies’

After a disagreement, Mackenzie cheated on Charity, much to the rage of the Emmerdale audience.

Watchers of yesterday’s debate between Charity and Mack on whether or not to have more children. Charity ruled it out after they had to end their first, but Mack is eager to restart things for another.

As they couldn’t agree, they got into a heated quarrel, after which Charity went home and Mack went somewhere else. Mack woke up at the beginning of tonight’s episode in an unknown bed with a number of missed calls from his partner.

He lied about where he had been when he got home, saying he had slept off in the car.

While Charity was unaware, his followers were incensed that he had lied to her and implied that he had cheated while intoxicated. “Charity you deserve SO MUCH more than Mackrat darling he cheated on you with another woman,” one viewer exclaimed.

Then someone else said, “Oh Mack you nasty liar. You are not deserving of charity.

“I knew Mac was going to go get drunk and cheat on Charity stupid poor Charity coping with the baby loss and all he wants is for them to try again when she hasn’t even got her mind around losing the baby this is definitely Curtains for them,” a third viewer remarked.

Because of Chloe’s past relationships with men, people surmised that the mysterious woman was Chloe. Mack and Charity eventually got back together, but he never told Charity what happened the night before.

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