ITV Emmerdale’s April star Amelia Flanagan wants Corrie sister to win award as she talks soap ‘competition’

Amelia Flanagan, a star of Emmerdale, believes her younger sister Isabella will triumph at this year’s annual awards presentation because they were both nominated for the same prize.

The role of April Windsor, the daughter of Marlon Dingle and the late Donna Windsor, in the ITV soap opera is the one for which the young actress is best known.

Amelia, 14, started Emmerdale in 2014 and gained popularity among viewers right away. She even won three trophies at the Inside Soap Awards and The British Soap Awards in the course of one year.

She will now compete against Isabella, who portrays Hope Stape, the troubled youngster on Coronation Street, at the 2022 Inside Soap Awards.

The two sisters are competing for the Best Young Performer honor, along with their renowned brother William, who portrays Joseph Brown in the television series Corrie.

Both Gabrielle Dowling, who portrays Cathy Hope in Amelia’s Emmerdale co-starring role, and Jude Riordan, who plays Sam Blakeman in Isabella’s Corrie co-starring role, are nominated for thegong.

Amelia remarked the following in regards to Inside Soap’s nomination: “That all three of us have ended up in soap operas is bizarre! For the first time, Bella and I are competing for the same prize, and as much as I’d love to win, I sincerely hope my sister takes home the trophy.”

The girl also acknowledges that, despite the fact that she and her siblings are “Team Emmerdale” and “Team Corrie,” it is “never competitive.”

She gushed, “I’ve run lines with Bella where she’s played Hope and I’ve pretended to be a character from Coronation Street, so it’s wonderful!”

Chris Flanagan, the father of the siblings, earlier revealed his pride for his two daughters for their great nominations after they both participated in significant storylines on their separate soap operas. Their father Chris shared a picture of the two of them together, and they could not look more same.

Isabella, 11, grinned for the camera as she appeared to have been interrupted from eating a bowl of fruit. Amelia, her elder sister, who was wearing dark-rimmed spectacles and looked different from her ITV serial character, embraced Isabella with a loving and protecting arm.

“Really delighted that the girls and so many of their friends and on-screen family are on the long list for the @InsideSoapMag awards,” their father Chris wrote on Twitter after sharing the photo. You may now cast your vote whether you’re on Team @itvcorrie or Team @emmerdale, he said.

Karen Blick, who portrays Lydia Dingle in the Leeds-based soap opera Amelia co-stars in, swiftly responded to Chris’ tweet to express her admiration for the ladies, writing: “Yes, I did. Bravo to both of you; you must be extremely proud!” Fans quickly followed suit and expressed their support.

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