ITV Emmerdale viewers spot problem as Leyla Harding’s ‘death warrant signed’

Leyla Harding’s difficulties escalated, and viewers of Emmerdale noticed a concern.

The long-running soap opera continued to focus on the character’s challenging time in the made-up community in Wednesday’s episode. Liam Cavanagh, the town doctor, is Leyla’s husband, but the two have had issues ever since Leanna, Leam’s daughter, was killed by Meena Jutla last summer.

Following a miscarriage, Leyla turned to drugs as a result of the stressful circumstances. She has recently made a commitment to overcome her addiction, but due to the company’s deteriorating financial circumstances, she consented to store drugs for her previous dealer, Callum.

In tonight’s episode, Callum arrived with more money than Leyla had agreed to stash, which shocked Leyla. After accepting the offer, Leyla placed the haul in her office.

However, as a form of retaliation against Suzy Merton, Matty Barton broke into Leyla’s office at the end of the episode and grabbed the cache. As a fan called Sally Young tweeted: “Matty has crossed the line and signed Leyla’s death warrant!” viewers were shocked by Matty’s conduct.

Leyla left a key in a planter outside her office, and Matty used it to enter the premises. Her careless security measures diverted other Twitter users who were watching the show.

Leyla, a bag of narcotics and cash was left on the business property, and I know I placed the key in a plant pot for anyone to locate, Doreen tweeted.

Pam wrote: “Why on earth would Leyla hide the office key beneath a mat so that Matty could pounce on it? After this stupidity, I need a huge gin.”

In her words: “How simple for Leyla to leave her office unlocked while concealing thousands of pounds’ worth of cocaine there. She would protect it at any costs.”

And Leyla is thick to leave a bag of narcotics like that in your office cabinet, Mike commented.

How thick is Leyla, considering that she didn’t just keep the key to the locked cabinet containing the narcotics on her but also left the premises key in a pot next to the door?

As Spartacus observed: “Leyla receives the Darwin Award… maintaining a massive amount of cocaine and placing the office key and the cabinet key under a plant pot on your desk… I mean, wow!”

Kelly wrote on Facebook: “Putting the key in the outside planter.”

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