ITV Emmerdale viewers spot problem as Gabby Thomas’ mystery love interest unveiled

As Gabby Thomas’ love interest was revealed on tonight’s episode of Emmerdale, many were perplexed.

On Monday’s program, the Rosie Bentham-played character explored the world of online dating. Before she met Chris, Gabby was about to delete her dating app.

In the most recent episode, Gabby agreed to go on a date with him after being taken aback by his appearance. Before she hooked up with her unnamed new lover, Laurel Thomas cautioned her stepdaughter to exercise caution on her date.

In tonight’s episode, Laurel spent time with Kit the physio, with whom she previously had a sexual fling. At the conclusion of the episode, it was made clear that Kit had deceived Laurel since he was responsible for the Chris account.

At the conclusion of the show, Gabby greeted “Chris,” but fans were taken aback by the twist because they thought Gabby would have previously run into the physio in the nearby village.

Wouldn’t Gabby have spotted Kit around the village, Chris questioned?

Pam observed: “One instant. How could Gabby have missed seeing “Kit” hanging around the village?”

Jessica wrote: “Oh my God, they’re going to truly make a Laurel/Kit/Gabby plot. Given how regularly he visits Marlon, I assumed Gabby would have seen Laurel with him by this time or at the very least recognize him.”

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