ITV Emmerdale viewers spot problem and ‘want a break’ as Bob Hope set to kill character

Fans of Emmerdale were perplexed by Bob Hope’s ominous proclamation at the conclusion of tonight’s episode.

In Friday’s visit to the made-up Yorkshire village, the effects of Wendy Posner’s liaison with Dr. Liam Cavanagh were still being discussed. The actress Susan Cookson’s character began an affair with the doctor after falling in love with him over their mutual love of reading.

Last month, Bob learned about Wendy’s infidelity and was devastated by the information. Wendy expressed regret, declared she would cut all ties with Liam, and promised to work to mend her strained bond with Bob.

The relationship between Wendy and Bob has remained tumultuous, thus things have not gone as planned. In tonight’s show, Wendy admitted she regretted breaking off her relationship with Liam.

The decision infuriated Bob, and he finished the show by pledging to kill Liam in retaliation. “He has to pay,” he replied. He is solely to blame for the wreckage in my life. This is not going unpunished for him.

However, those who were watching the performance on Twitter and Instagram were perplexed by the development and argued that it was improbable.

Oh Bob stop, you ain’t no Meena, said @emmerdale2dae.

“Wait, Bob wants to kill Liam for having a relationship really?” Grianne asked. How many affairs did he have throughout the course of his life?

“Bob thinks he’s going to kill Liam,” wrote @twellywatcher. Oh please, give me a break.

Swalk continued, “Bob murdering Liam??? The plot of this soap opera has now truly become absurd.

Sam said, “So after years of doing this to other people himself, Bob gets a taste of his own medicine. Huh, okay.”

Gemma commented, “He’s cheated on every woman he’s been with?”

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