ITV Emmerdale viewers ‘spot famous face’ in scene’s background

A Nadine Dorries clone was seen to Emmerdale viewers in the cafe’s background.

The drama has recently diminished in favor of families mend their rifts, thus the villagers have been taking things easy. However, things swiftly changed when Mapreet claimed his daughter Naomi attacked Charles after he was discovered asleep in the chapel.

Viewers were more shocked by a previous conversation Manpreet and Charles were having in the cafe since a famous face suddenly joined them, despite the sudden and violent change. The gaze shifted from the two to a blonde-haired woman in the background as they were talking about Charles’ connection with Naomi.

During the moment, the woman kept to herself, but fans insisted the extra was politician Nadine Dorries.

Us Viewers When Nadine Dorries wanders into the backdrop of Manpreet’s shot within 5 seconds of the episode beginning! One spectator tweeted their discovery.

“Was that Nadine Dorries in the back?” a third person chimed in.

“Don’t they think this program is painful enough without giving Nadine Dorries a bit part,” a third viewer questioned.

“Nadine Dorries wandered into backdrop behind Manpreet,” was the final addition.

Although “Nadine” did not reappear, people continued to follow as Naomi was apprehended for assaulting her father. Manpreet accused her of being the cause of her father’s unconsciousness, and policewoman Harriet stopped her after she attempted to flee the church.

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