ITV Emmerdale viewers ‘screaming’ over hysterical Charity scenes

Fans of Emmerdale were in fits of laughter following Charity’s humorous scenes at a spa.

Mackenzie has been unable to tell Charity he wants to try for another child for several weeks. Viewers saw him arrange a wellness getaway for the two of them on tonight’s episode in an effort to calm her down so they could talk about it.

He was able to carry out his plan once she finally decided to go on the vacation after some initial hesitation and discussion.

As soon as they get there, Charity is obviously uncomfortable. She acknowledges that she is not thrilled about what Mack has them both involved in as she surveys the area.

The wellness leader approaches her while she is seated in a chanting circle and invites her to join in by humming along with the other campers.

Mack tries to maintain order because he is still thinking about the kid, but Charity soon starts to fidget and become agitated, producing a commotion. She quickly discovers that she has been bitten all over and has been sitting on an ant farm, requiring her to get up and leave the refuge right away. She adopted a comic attitude during the scene, in contrast to her typically serious demeanor, which infuriated Emmerdale viewers.

“Charity and Mackenzie’s date is hilarious,” one viewer remarked.

Another remark added: “Charity’s face as they started chanting,” along with a stream of laughing emojis.

“Gotta love #Charity & Her facial expressions,” a third viewer said.

Simply adding “ABSOLUTELY SCREAMING,” a last viewer concluded.

Mack chased her when she fled off and made it plain that he intended to have another child. Given that they recently had to put their prior child to death, Charity felt under strain and uneasy. Her emotions overcame her, and she fled. They concluded their discussion after one more round of reflection when Charity referred to him as “unbelievable.”

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