ITV Emmerdale viewers say scenes ‘should have come with a warning’

During tonight’s episode of ITV Emmerdale, a startling inaccuracy left many perplexed. Following a Charity Dingle hair gaffe, ITV Emmerdale viewers voiced their opinions.

On Thursday, April 13, the mistake was broadcast. As she was getting her hair done for her wedding to Mackenzie on the penultimate episode of the week, Charity had a significant makeover.

However, the stylist left Charity’s hair in the rollers for too long after Mandy became sidetracked. She compared herself to a “demented poodle” and it resulted in a huge perm.

“Can’t deal with Charity’s hair,” an admirer chuckled. One person wrote on Twitter: “Surprised the announcer didn’t say, ‘Viewers may find some scenes upsetting’ before Emmerdale started…he’d have been referring to Charity’s disaster hair do.”

Emma Atkins acknowledges that her co-stars had to make a “double take” when they first saw Charity’s wedding attire. Even Eden Taylor-Draper, who plays Belle Dingle, didn’t recognize Emma, she claimed to the media.

“Eden didn’t realize it was me,” she claims. She turned to face me and said, “Oh my God, it’s you,” after first thinking, “Oh, there’s someone new there.” To be fair, she added, “I’m so accustomed to being forced into wigs now that I just expect it. I simply show up and ask, ‘Ok, what are we doing today?'” And it makes it enjoyable.

We all thought, “Do you know what, this is going to be so much fun,” and we certainly did. She continues, “You’ve got to embrace these episodes or it’s just not going to be great.” “I think it’s always very dramatic these days, there’s always stuff going wrong, and I think they’ve just got a lot in with this particular episode, will-they-won’t-they is definitely the big thing, will Mackenzie stop the wedding to say ‘I owe you the truth now’ and I think that’s what we’re all waiting for,” she says.

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