ITV Emmerdale viewers gobsmacked after spotting Lydia’s ‘retro’ item

Viewers of Emmerdale were astounded to see Lydia still wearing a Bluetooth earpiece.

Kim took up the responsibility after telling Lydia she wants her to arrange her wedding.

She pledged to make the celebration as special as she could while juggling her day work at the cafe with the new, unexpected career push.

Emmerdale watchers observed as she battled to manage her regular clients with caterers without realizing that she would need to be in several places at once.

Some viewers referred to Lydia’s choice of technology as “old,” yet she used it to cure herself and reduce some of the tension.

A Bluetooth device that encircled the side of her face was perched on her ear and allowed her to manage calls hands-free. Lydia appeared to be making the most of the device, quickly switching between various contacts despite the fact that it was woefully out of date in this day and age.

Viewers were surprised by the outdated equipment since they couldn’t believe Emmerdale had dredged up such an antiquated object for a contemporary scene. What century did that earpiece come from? said one viewer.

one more said: “My God, Lydia, is that a Bluetooth earpiece? Even if Emmerdale is a little dated, it’s not too dated.”

“Lydia with her Bluetooth headset on,” a third viewer said.

The last remark was, “Lydia is cracking me up.”

Lydia took great pleasure in her new device the whole episode, making it plain to everyone—especially Kim—that she was busier than ever.

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