ITV Emmerdale viewers fume as they say ‘beautiful’ episode was ‘ruined’

Emmerdale viewers watched a Dingle wedding proceed without a hitch and felt as though they had won the lottery.

After a difficult few months following Marlon’s stroke, Rhona Goskirk and Marlon Dingle eventually said “I do” in scenes that aired in the ITV soap on Thursday night (August 11).

The much-loved character, played by Mark Charnock, had a health scare back in March, and since then, we’ve watched him struggle with the mental and physical difficulties of recovery while also observing the effects it has on his family and friends, including Rhona (Zoe Henry), daughter April, and best friend Paddy Kirk.

However, Marlon and Rhona’s wedding was a shining moment amid all of that, leaving Emmerdale viewers in tears as they tuned in to the hour-long episode.

When Marlon collapsed at home and was told his blood pressure was too high to leave, the wedding was briefly on hold and he was eventually brought to the hospital.

But with Paddy’s help, Marlon arrived at the church in plenty of time, racing the determined groom through the village in his wedding wheelchair before bursting through the church door and wheeling Marlon inside before he could see his bride and make the walk down the aisle with the help of his family.

It went off to The Woolpack for the reception after they exchanged vows and officially became husband and wife. There, the emotional events continued with speeches, Priya revealing her scars for the first time, and a mother-son dance between Cain and Faith Dingle.

But in the middle of all that, Chas Dingle, who had already learned that her mother had an upcoming palliative care meeting, snuck out of the pub celebration and missed her husband’s best man speech.

As Paddy talked about how much he and Marlon both loved their wives, Chas was still having an affair with Al Chapman across the street.

Al responded to the person he had run into outside the bar, “My house is empty, no one will miss you for an hour, will they?” after praising her for wearing a red wedding dress.

Chas’ brother Cain unexpectedly showed up as he searched for his son’s iPad as they were enjoying some alone time in the home that Al shares with fiancée Kerry and her daughter Amy. Al stood startled, topless, and clutching two champagne glasses as Chas fled to hide by the stairs.

While Cain didn’t catch on, Emmerdale viewers were incensed because they believed that Chas and Al’s continued affair had “ruined” the ‘wonderful’ wedding moments. Stop Chas being with Al, @1thebear said. “Emmerdale is being ruined now.” @janmac1958 left a comment “Al and Chaz! It would have ruined the episode.”

The ridiculous Chas and Al story ruined a great episode, which was said by @mkz312: “Great episode, wonderful acting by all.” echoed @lisacartlitch: “I was blown away by everyone and the wedding tonight. Ruined only by Chas and Al.

Paddy, whom I adore, is not deserving of this.” Writing on Facebook, Jean Newton. It was so nice.

When Marlon and Rhona were getting married and Cain was dancing with his mother, Chas ruined everything by snuck out to see Al. Why? When Paddy learns, he will be devastated.

“A fantastic show, hampered by Chas and Al,” Valerie Critchley wrote. Cain was a genius. Mark Charnock is a fantastic actor and deserves to win all the prizes. “Chas and Al spoilt tonight’s show,” Marc Dorrian continued. “Everything else about tonight’s episode was fantastic.”

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