ITV Emmerdale viewers distracted by Woolpack ‘change’ as Marlon Dingle returns to pub

Viewers of Emmerdale were diverted as Marlon Dingle visited the Woolpack again.

Mark Charnock’s portrayal of the character has him staying away from the made-up tavern ever since his stroke.

Rhona Ghoskirk and Marlon are engaged, and Vanessa Woodfield recommended they hold a celebration.

While Marlon is still recovering, Paddy Kirk reassured him that the party is a fine idea despite his initial reservations.

The guests clapped heartily for the chef as he paid a moving tribute to Rhona.

Famous faces from the Woolpack pub gathered for an evening of fun as the party was in full swing.

Marlon, though, was furious and left the party.

Later, he revealed to Rhona that he wants to postpone the nuptials so he can rest up in time for the first dance the two will share after the ceremony.

As they pointed out how many of the characters were together in the Woolpack, viewers who were following the show on Twitter were diverted throughout the gathering.

Since the epidemic, there have been fewer characters on-screen as a result of social distancing rules that were put in place on the set.

Fans called attention to the change on social media.

The Woolpack is busier than I’ve ever seen it, according to Kelly.

Nice to see a busy pub, said Jamie. Please provide that for non-parties.

“The Woolie has people in it and there are more than FIVE,” Doreen continued. possibly in the double digits!”

“A party!” posted Sophie. with a minimum of six guests! An authentic Dingle Do!

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