ITV Emmerdale viewers confused after spotting Jacob ‘miracle’

Jacob Gallagher received three A-level results, which stunned Emmerdale viewers.

Today, students in the UK received their A-Level results, and so did the citizens of Emmerdale village. Victoria and Eric assured Jacob that they would be there for him no matter what the contents of his letter were, which calmed his fears.

Fortunately for him, he managed to score three As, which brought about applause and congrats following a suspenseful wait.

The teen expressed satisfaction with the outcomes but acknowledged that they wouldn’t change his decision to go college and abandon his mother when she returned from treatment.

In numerous dramatic storylines on the program, Jacob has taken the lead yet has found himself in a bind. Viewers have questioned the character’s IQ because of his awkward demeanor and need to rely on others to fix his messy problems.

Viewers said that they were astonished he had time to revise at all after all the commotion when he unveiled his A-level results and they were shocked to see how well he did.

How the heck did this plant pot find time to study in this miserable village, one viewer exclaimed in laughter.

“3 A’s is a miracle Jacob,” said another.

Another viewer added: “Jacob received three As. I have no idea how he did that.”

Jacob 3 A’s wow after everything that happened, was the concluding remark.

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