ITV Emmerdale under fire as baffled fans say character is ‘ruined’ after sudden change

Emmerdale experienced harsh criticism from fans after a person’s “character change” on this evening’s show.

Friday’s version of the long-running cleanser kept on investigating Amelia Spencer’s pregnancy storyline. The person, played by Daisy Campbell, was shaken last month when she found she was anticipating a youngster.

Devotees of the show were stunned while an astounding turn exposed Samson Dingle as the dad. In this evening’s version of the show, Amelia was console by her family who said they would uphold her through the pregnancy.

Notwithstanding, the child’s father was significantly less steady as he would not recognize the truth. Amelia stood up to Samson later in the episode and the person requested she have a fetus removal.

Amelia uncovered she is presently not ready to have an early termination and had chosen to bring up the kid. Watchers following the show on Twitter were sickened by Samson’s character change as the person has never recently shown such forceful attributes.

Emma said: “For what reason did they need to demolish such a beautiful person like Samson, truly.”

Conor added: “But then another person gets a character relocate in #Emmerdale Samson used to be a decent small fella”

Marilyn remarked : “Samson has had a character relocate , not sharp.”

PJ tweeted: “Daddy Samson with his new character”

Jordan posted: “Samson was only one of the good Dingles now they are destroying his personality. Great.”

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