ITV Emmerdale star says ‘it’s strange and sad’ after string of departures at soap

A star of the ITV soap opera Emmerdale has acknowledged that the remaining cast members “worry” as a result of a succession of exits from the show. Favorite Natalie Ann Jamieson from Emmerdale has spoken out on the latest character exodus.

In an earlier interview with The Mirror, Natalie stated: “We’ve had a lot of parting parties. It’s odd and depressing, but that’s how soap operas are. There is always a change. Since every moment could be your last, you should savor each one.

“When you learn that a serial killer is at large, your first reaction is to predict that you will be the next victim. Because I did this, of course it’s going to be me, you’ve already written it in your thoughts. You connect the lines. A relief is always felt when it isn’t.

I feel very pleased to be joining the cast of such a liked and renowned show, she stated when she initially started on the program. I’m really appreciative of this chance and am eager to see what Amy’s future holds.

Marcus Dean, who is played by Darcy Grey, and Priya Sharma, who is played by Fiona Wade, have both left the village this year. Along with Al Chapman, played by Michael Wildman, and Harriet Finch, portrayed by Katherine Dow Blyton, Naomi Walters has also left the show.

Isobel Steele’s on-screen character Liv Dingle has also left. Since 2011, Amelia Spencer has been played by Daisy Campbell in Emmerdale. She recently said: “I’d love to stay on it for as long as I can. I recently committed for another year and am overjoyed.

You never know when they’re going to kill you off, so I never take it for granted. Anyone can experience it. Dominic Brunt, who plays Paddy Dingle, said: “If I were to go tomorrow, however, I wouldn’t moan because I’ve had 25 fantastic years – but may it last for ever.

“I adore that position completely. To you, I am unable to convey what it means to me.

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