ITV Emmerdale star Michelle Hardwick leaves Loose Women stunned over age as she reveals gender of second child live on show

During a joint appearance on Loose Women with her wife, Emmerdale star Michelle Hardwick revealed the gender of their second child.

The actress, who takes on the role of Vanessa Woodfield in the ITV soap opera, spoke with Kate Brooks about their impending appearance on the ITV chat program.

Last month, Michelle and Kate, an Emmerdale producer, revealed that they were having another child.

The 46-year-old soap star shared a sweet photo along with the joyous news that she and her wife Kate—who already have a son named Teddy—were going to become parents once more on social media.

Michelle, who moved back to the Dales last year, announced their impending arrival on Instagram with the caption: “COMING THIS WINTER… Baby Brooks #2.” Their son was clearly excited as he raised his hands and smiled beneath the TV.

Michelle also provided an update on her pregnancy’s status. “We are ecstatic with our wonderful news! I almost feel comfortable placing a cup of tea on my belly at 20 weeks today! big brother “She added a note on the adorable photo.

And today, Michelle and Kate joyfully revealed Teddy is going to have a little sister during their appearance on Loose Women.

So baby number two is a tiny girl, Michelle exclaimed with excitement. The panelists, Christine Lampard, Denise Welch, Coleen Nolan, and Janet Street-Porter, congratulated the couple and afterwards welcomed son Teddy to join in the celebration.

The couple, who wed in Graceland, the famous Memphis home of Elvis Presley, also discussed their son and unborn daughter’s IVF journeys with the panel. The siblings will be biologically connected because they received their organs from the same donor as Teddy.

Michelle stated that she and I didn’t truly understand the procedure.

“It was as straightforward as asking, ‘What qualities, what color hair,’ and we said, ‘We don’t really know, as long as they’re kind and a lovely person,’ but they sent over two donor CVs.

They clarified that they had not seen a donor’s photo but stated that they were looking for someone who was “nice, clever, and had wonderful family traits.”

The actress explained why they chose to have Michelle carry their children: “I’m 46 now, so when we started with Teddy, my eggs weren’t going to be spectacular.” “I was 37, so even for me, it was still uncertain whether they’d receive a lot of eggs,” Kate continued. But fortunately for us, I had decent fertility.

Denise, on the other hand, was taken aback as she interrupted and startled Michelle by saying, “You’re 46?!”

Back in 2020, Michelle shared a black and white photo of herself beaming in her hospital bed with the baby boy curled up next to her wearing a knit hat and a towel to herald their kid’s safe arrival.

In a second, colored image, Michelle could be seen adoringly gazing down at the newborn while he was wrapped in a rainbow-colored blanket. “On Friday, October 9th, this gorgeous little man entered the world,” the actress wrote as the caption for the photo. We adore you very much, Teddy Peter Edward, and you are our little Teddyboy.

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