ITV Emmerdale star Matthew Wolfenden defended by fans after sharing snap of son’s unusual toilet moment

After posting a picture of his baby on social media, Emmerdale actor Matthew Wolfenden was defended by fans from the “parent police.” The actor, well known for his role as David Metcalfe in the ITV serial opera, posted a photo of his youngest son, Ace, on Instagram. Ace appears to be in the middle of the potty training process.

The child was pictured in black and white weeding into the pristine kitchen sink while standing on the kitchen counter wearing only a long hoodie. “Dad, Ace I have to pee. Dad: OK, leave. Ace is…” Matthew was the post’s champion.

The phrases “not exactly what I meant,” “potty training boys,” and “doing well” were then added in the form of hashtags. Fans defended the soap star, who has three children with his ex-costar wife Charley Webb, despite the fact that many people were quick to see the humorous side while others weren’t impressed.

Said @sambailey86: “All the perfect parents are arriving now. That could have been worse, necessitating a, “prior to including a poo emoji. @jomclen left a comment “He can at least claim his youth as an excuse, haha! Not that fully mature guys haven’t accidentally opened a wardrobe believing it was the restroom or drunkenly peed in a sink in the past! Whatever the case, nothing a little bleach or fabulosa can’t fix! It’ll be accurate!”

Vicki xxxx responded: “These remarks made by some persons. It is obvious that your parents or grandparents did not give you a bath in the kitchen sink.” “Holy Christ folks need to chill out,” wrote @lisajoann23. To @lstanley29’s giggle: “That’s the third child; they are wild. Definitely my third was!” Mother of 4 sons here, and this made me chuckle. Let’s face it, boys don’t grow out of it; they may simply move on to a closet or bath. @ge0rgie 2476 added:

Matthew and Charley also have two older kids, Buster and Bowie, in addition to Ace. In 2018, the pair exchanged vows in a private castle ceremony.

In 2007, love bloomed between the two after they met on the Emmerdale set. Charley had previously remembered how they hadn’t even told their guests they were getting married on their special day.

They were caught off guard by the wedding since they had assumed they were there for Charley’s 30th birthday celebration. Charley posted a stunning photo of the couple to Instagram and said to her followers: “Today, we’ve been viewing the photos from our wedding. They all mistakenly believed it was my 30th birthday celebration, which is something I still love that nobody knew about. It was outstanding.”

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