ITV Emmerdale star Lisa Riley makes plea to fans during show

As the soap opera Emmerdale came back from the commercial break on Tuesday night, star Lisa Riley appealed to viewers.

In scenes that aired on Monday, viewers tuned in as Bob Hope recovered in the hospital after having a heart attack. Bob recently learned that Wendy Posner, his girlfriend, had been having an affair with Dr. Liam Cavanagh.

After he passed out, Liam truly saved his life, but Bob isn’t yet ready to forgive either Liam or Wendy.

The guys came together in support of Dan Spencer, who is in danger of going to jail after punching to death the stalker of his daughter Amelia. If he has to leave them, he worries about how Amelia and the infant Esther would adjust.

Amid the episode, Lisa Riley resorted to Twitter to appeal to the show’s viewers even though her character Mandy was not actually shown on television. Vote for Emmerdale at this year’s “National TV Awards,” she urged. Vote for your favorite @emmerdale #emmerdale #vote #ntas, please, on @itv.

This year’s awards, which take place on Tuesday, September 5, see Emmerdale up for Best Soap. Charlotte tweeted in response to Lisa’s tweet, “Voted this morn” [sic].

“Done so this morning Lisa, fingers crossed,” replied Tracey. You have my support, Ali remarked.

On Tuesday, September 5, voting for the National Television Awards ends at noon.

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