ITV Emmerdale star Laura Norton reveals she almost played another character on soap before landing Kerry Wyatt role

Laura Norton is best known for playing Kerry Wyatt on the venerable ITV soap opera Emmerdale, but some people may not be aware that she almost took on another role.

Actress Laura joined the cast in 2012 and has played Kerry ever since. Since then, she has established herself as a fan favorite and has been involved in several significant storylines, including the fatal fire that killed Frank.

Amy Wyatt’s mother is Kerry Wyatt; when she last appeared on screen in June 2020, it was revealed that the character had been visiting a friend. Actress Laura Norton was actually on maternity leave.

Although it’s difficult to imagine the actress playing anyone other than Kerry, she actually went through the audition process for the roles of Ruby Haswell and Ali, the mother of Amelia Spencer (Daisy Campbell).

Laura was passed over for the two roles because the casting director felt she wasn’t “quite right” for either. However, a year later, she got a call for her enduring role as Kerry, the actress recalled to Inside Soap.

She stated: “Out of about 40 people, I was the first they saw. It was intended to be. I adore her despite all of her baggage and vulnerability; she’s a trainwreck with a heart, a fun-loving girl who had a difficult upbringing.”

Despite the fact that she may have had to wait a while to make her Emmerdale debut, it appears that Laura is the ideal choice for the chaotic Kerry role, and she wouldn’t have it any other way!

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