ITV Emmerdale star Dean Andrews issues warning over his Prince William remarks

After praising Prince William, ITV Emmerdale actor Dean Andrews shot back at anyone who brought up the royal controversy in his mentions.

After the Duke of Cambridge hugged the Lionesses at the conclusion of their victory at Euro 2022, Dean showered accolades on him.

Dean penned: “When I say, “I’m a great supporter of Prince William,” don’t respond with any Royalist arguments.

I’ve had the good fortune to spend some time with him, and he’s a wonderful guy! “Well blooming done, Lionesses,” once more.”

DW responded by saying: “Not everyone desires to scrape and bow before others only because they inherited a large sum of money and a prestigious title. If you choose to, however, that’s fine.”

There is no argument here; although I haven’t had the pleasure of meeting him, he looks to be a decent man. said Carol. What a King he will make for this nation, Steve retorted.

Always thought Charles should cede the throne to William and Kate, who would make a fantastic king and queen, Matty observed.

But Cat said, “Wow Prince William was so kind as to hug a football player.

What a true hero to leave his position of honor and act like any other person would.

The Lionesses made history yesterday, which is amazing, according to Sue. Bravo to the women.

When Prince William becomes King one day, he will embody our history, and I for one couldn’t be more proud of our ancestry. Both are fantastic, in my opinion.

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