ITV Emmerdale star Danny Miller teases Robert Sugden return as he hopes to ‘talk round’ co-star

If one ITV soap star gets their way, Emmerdale fans may finally see a Robron reunion after four years.

Actor Aaron Dingle Danny Miller acknowledged that he wanted Ryan Hawley, a former co-star and friend, to reprise his role as Robert Sugden, Aaron’s ex-husband, in the series. After receiving a prison sentence related to the killing of Lee Posner, Robert departed the programme back in 2019.

Lee brutally raped Robert’s sister Victoria Sugden, and Robert accidently killed him by attacking Lee. As he was being punished, Robert accepted responsibility for his actions and severed all links to the community and his loved ones.

But since there have been signs that Robert might not have been the one who killed him, people have long hoped he might come back.

Lee was assaulted, suffering head injuries, but it later became out that his brother Luke had also struck Lee, perhaps killing him.

However, Ryan’s release isn’t just desired by viewers; actor Danny has admitted that he too would like to see Ryan reprise his role as Robert. He acknowledged that he is eager to convince his co-star to return to a soap opera.

I’m still great friends with Ryan Hawley, who famously portrayed Aaron’s spouse Robert Sugden, according to Danny in an interview with TV Times magazine. We’re still close even though Adam Thomas, who played Adam Barton, and Kelvin Fletcher, who played Andy Sugden, are both out doing their own thing.

“However, if I had to choose just one person, it would be Ryan. I just need to see if I can convince him otherwise. I receive a video or message requesting the return of Robron every single day. I find it incredible that people are still so committed in the programme nearly four years after Ryan left. I’m crossing my fingers that the band will eventually reunite.

It follows his own comeback to the soap opera last month, a year after he appeared to have left for good. His on-screen sister Liv Flaherty, who passed away in October of last year, caused Aaron, the character he played, to undergo significant shift during his absence.

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