ITV Emmerdale spoilers reveal Mack’s guilt as secret lover harasses him

According to ITV Emmerdale spoilers, Mackenzie’s covert lover won’t give up on him without a fight. The fact that Mackenzie cheated on his partner Charity Dingle will be known to viewers, and it appears that his error will come back to haunt him.

Since Charity was forced to undergo an abortion because it was an ectopic pregnancy, Mack and Charity have been having problems. The two found it impossible to speak after their tragedy.

After an argument, Mack turned to another woman for solace and was later seen waking up in bed with his unknown lover. Charity remained at home while waiting for Mack to resolve the situation.

It has been established that Mack’s fling is someone in the village because Mack has been seen receiving covert phone calls and text messages from her.

Mack tries to stop her from calling him frequently, but it seems that she has other ideas.

To make matters worse, Charity confides in Mack about her true emotions at the death of their child and makes suggestions that she might want to try for another child in the future.

Mack chooses to tell her the truth after feeling more guilty than ever. Charity guides him to the bedroom before he can, so he decides not to take the chance of losing her.

To give them a vacation and to absolve himself of his guilt, Mack then arranges a trip to Ibiza for him and Charity. When his unidentified lover calls him again later, he makes it obvious that he doesn’t want her to get in touch with him again.

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