ITV Emmerdale spoilers confirm trouble as Leyla Cavanagh returns to the village

According to ITV Emmerdale teasers, Liam Cavanagh will go into difficulties when his wife Leyla visits the community. Leyla departed the village a few weeks ago to begin drug addiction treatment, as viewers may recall.

In the past year, Leyla and Liam’s marriage has struggled as they have mourned the loss of Liam’s daughter Leanna, who was killed by Meena Jutla. After Meena shot Leyla, the pair observed Meena’s conviction for her crimes.

Liam is happy to have his wife back when Leyla arrives, but Priya worries that Liam could have high expectations. Liam quickly realizes that reconciling his marriage will take time.

He has to go to a couples therapy session with Leyla as one of his first tasks. The sensitive topics they must talk about and open up about leave him feeling spent.

Although Liam and Leyla return to the village, it is obvious that their problems have not been resolved. Their marriage had been in trouble for a while, but her drug use quickly came to light.

She confessed her addiction, and Liam promised to help her. He even settled a loan she owed to a heroin dealer. Leyla left the community after bidding Liam and her son Jacob a tearful farewell. She hasn’t been seen since.

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