ITV Emmerdale spoilers confirm surprise romance for unlikely couple

Bernice Blackstock and Rishi Sharma will experience a surpise romance, according to ITV Emmerdale spoilers. The two haven’t had much luck in love lately, but it looks like their fortune is about to turn.

After a brief flirtation, Rishi recently fell prey to Sandra’s cunning plans. Sandra created Rishi’s online dating profile and was eager to help when his date failed to show up.

All of this was a part of Sandra’s scheme to use blackmail to force him to keep their affair a secret. Poor Rishi has since given up on finding love up to the point when he connects with Bernice.

Due to their shared loneliness, the two decide to go out to lunch. Rishi panics that Bernice is too intense for him and unexpectedly cancels their date at the last minute, just as a sweet romance seems to be taking root.

When Bernice learns the truth, she is appalled and doesn’t waste any time in addressing him about his horrible dating manners. Will this, however, prove Rishi’s fears that she’s too much for him correct?

Since leaving her partner Liam Cavanagh behind and leaving the town to travel, Bernice has had a difficult time finding love. Bernice was devastated when she went back to the Dales and learned the truth after Liam left with Leyla.

She made an effort to win him back, but she ultimately had to concede that he had gone on. Since then, Leyla and Liam have been married, while Bernice has remained single.

She then connected with Kim Tate, a successful entrepreneur, and Will Taylor, who is also engaged. Despite having chemistry with Bernice, Will finally went for Kim.

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