ITV Emmerdale slapped with complaints over Paddy as viewers ‘don’t get it’

Fans of ITV’s Emmerdale have expressed the same dissatisfaction about Paddy Kirk’s disappearance on Monday night. Paddy, who is struggling with depression and suicidal thoughts, left the village last week.

The police said they were reducing their search for him on Monday’s (February 13) show after spotting him on CCTV. Mandy was informed by a cop who arrived at the bar that someone had seen him withdrawing £200 from a cash machine in Skipdale.

As they don’t think he is in danger, the officer indicated they would scale back their search. An angry Twitter user reacted to the statement, which was made by a police officer: “Why don’t they go look for him outside? They own automobiles.”

Another person said, “What I don’t understand is why none of his family are out looking for him.” Dominic Brunt, the show’s lead, stated last week that he feels a great sense of responsibility in his role as a man battling suicide thoughts.

Dom stated, “I am fortunate not to be experiencing any of the things Paddy is about to go through. “I am not and have never been suicidal, but I feel a great obligation to accurately convey this awful circumstance. Anyone going through that must find it horrifying and depressing.

Paddy isn’t the kind of person you’d typically anticipate it to happen to, but it can happen to anyone. But this has been expressed so frequently: “I can’t believe it; I thought they were wonderful.” One can hide it. Poor Paddy begins to feel alone and alone in the world. He withdraws, but that is the wrong course of action.

The issue is that men put themselves in a patriarchal role, compare themselves to other guys, and strive to be greater men than those men. In addition, he said, “I think society has given males a role that doesn’t consider talking about our feelings.” We may discuss anything else, but I think some men are reluctant to admit when they are down.

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