ITV Emmerdale shares touching goodbye to Dan Spencer star Liam Fox as fans say same thing about exit

After Dan Spencer was given an eight-year prison sentence for manslaughter, Emmerdale executives gave an official farewell letter to actor Liam Fox as they broadcasted his final scenes.

Previous episodes showed Dan punching Lloyd for chasing his daughter Amelia, however the incident ended tragically when Lloyd subsequently passed away in the hospital.

In tonight’s episode of the popular ITV soap opera, Dan bade everyone in the village farewell before heading to the Woolpack for one more pint.

Dan received a video call from his ex, Kerry, at home as he was preparing for court, and he admitted to being terrified.

When Dan appeared in court, Dan’s attorney read out a statement outlining Dan’s prior sterling character and spotless record. Dan made the decision to express his own mind.

He acknowledged his sorrow for Lloyd’s passing and stated that his only motivation was to keep his daughter safe. The judge then gave his ruling, claiming that it was “limited”.

Dan had threatened Lloyd before, and the judge concluded that his acts were deliberate. Dan was given an eight-year prison term after that, which saddened Amelia.

Amelia cried uncontrollably as she pleaded for her father in the heartbreaking scenes while he was being carried away.

ITV sent a tweet saying, “Goodbye Liam” and verified that it was Dan’s last visit to the community. Additionally, viewers responded to the “emotional” moment.

@steelo_a56 “Can’t believe he’s gone,” was tweeted. Goodbye, Liam, and best of luck to you and #Emmerdale in the future.

@Liamfoxactor, it’s sad to see you go, tweeted @dandylove_ED. What a sad departure! Hopefully, Dan will return to the Dales in the future! I wish you success in all that you do! #Emmerdale.”

“That last scene of Dan being taken down was awful,” said @honeywell_david. triggered memories for me as well! #Emmerdale.”

Can’t believe that’s it for Dan, tweeted @TwellyWatcher. I was half hoping he would get to say his last goodbyes to Amelia in the show of tomorrow night, perhaps on a visit to a prison. But it appears that those were his last moments… What a performer! I hope he returns at some point.

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