ITV Emmerdale Sam Dingle’s racy admission makes sickened viewers scream ‘enough’

As Lydia Dingle revealed her sex life on tonight’s episode of Emmerdale, many were sick to their stomachs.

Sam Dingle and Karen Blick’s character have been wed since the year 2020. In the one-hour ITV soap opera on Thursday, Lydia was taking part in the fun at Rhona Ghoskirk’s hen party.

For the celebration honoring Rhona’s forthcoming nuptials to Marlon Dingle, characters dressed as farmyard animals.

The characters made a number of risqué confessions during the drunken party, which took place in the Hop.

Viewers were astounded by Lydia’s candor with Laurel Thomas. “Sam understands exactly what he’s doing when it comes to bedroom business,” she remarked. He was raised in a rural area.

You can’t really explain much to him about birds and bees.

Twitter users who were watching the broadcast said they were surprised by the exchange.

Just when you think Lydia can’t say anything worse, she says something worse. Enough about her and Sam, Owen replied.

“Oh gosh the thought of Lydia & Sam,” Gavin said beside a disturbing gif.

Sam’s sex life, as @VampLover27 tweeted, is “Ewwww.”

Posted by Ray: “TMI Lydia”

Hope no one is eating when they mention how Sam is in bed, Retro said.

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