ITV Emmerdale favourites fear chop ahead of soap’s major 50th anniversary storylines

Emmerdale will soon celebrate a significant anniversary, and as we all know, these milestone soap opera stories frequently result in dramatic departures for popular characters.

We’ve looked at what some of the Emmerdale cast have said in the past when asked about their futures in advance of the significant October celebrations.

All of this stems from something 53-year-old Marlon Dingle actor Mark Charnock said at a special press conference held at the Eccup site of Emmerdale.

Mark, a 1996 addition to the soap opera, commented on the show: “There’s a great family vibe here and, as I’ve stated many times before, never ever, ever consider beyond the contract.” The healthiest, best course of action is to assume the worst.

“The best result of that is that it keeps you constantly alert; you have to keep giving it your all. Never, ever assume it to be given.

“It has been a fantastic work, and being a part of its history feels extra special as this milestone approaches. The 40th is still fresh in my memory. That decade flew by like lightning, which, I suppose, proves that it was never boring.

I’m thrilled to have taken part (for so long). In the 1970s, I used to watch it in the afternoons with my grandmother and grandfather. Being a part of it feels wonderful.

Dominic Brunt, 52, who plays the endearing vet Paddy Dingle, has previously discussed his worries of being fired. Dominic stated, “Long may it continue. If I were to leave tomorrow, I wouldn’t moan since I’ve had 25 fantastic years.

“I adore that position completely. To you, I am unable to convey what it means to me.

The 57-year-old Katherine Dow Blyton, who portrays Harriet Finch in the ITV serial, has hinted that she might leave Emmerdale. She played a part in the murder of corrupt policeman DI Malone alongside Dawn Taylor.

You constantly fear that your days are numbered, she remarked. “There must be repercussions; you cannot get away with murder, whether they occur immediately or two years later.

But I’ll remain for however long they request. Thank God for the role and the show that I adore.

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