ITV Emmerdale fans ‘worried’ as they ‘figure out’ how Al and Chas affair will be outed

Fans of Emmerdale were shocked last week when they finally saw a character that was very infrequently seen.

They couldn’t believe it when Chas met with Al Champman, with whom she had been having an affair for months, and saw Eve, the couple’s kid, materialize in the Hop.

In the ITV soap opera episode, Eve could be seen sitting and coloring a picture as her mother went to the café bar to cuddle up with her secret boyfriend Al.

The audience was caught off guard by the little character’s age because they had last seen her when she was a newborn, but they soon realized that she was approaching her third birthday.

But as the soap opera returned to television on Wednesday night (September 14), Eve was once more the center of Emmerdale viewers’ attention.

Lucy Pargeter’s character, Chas, had just returned from her most recent nefarious encounter with Al in a remote cottage.

Chas had made up a story about her whereabouts, stating that she had to spend the night in a B&B with baby Eve because her car broke down when she was on her way to meet her husband Paddy Kirk at a business conference. At home, her mother Faith inquired about every detail of her night as Chas continued to tell lies.

However, her mechanic brother Cain was questioning her about what was wrong with the automobile and why she didn’t just call him for assistance. She offered her justifications in an effort to confuse him. Then, as she continued the story, Chas was later spotted purportedly speaking to the infant Eve in a stroller while Eve was audibly gurgling from the pram.

Emmerdale viewers, however, were quick to take to social media to point out that Eve is actually supposed to be a toddler who is just starting to talk, not a baby. Angered: @ItsNotBetty_ “Eve was drawing pictures last week while sitting up in a chair and was about two years old. She has since gone back to sounding like an 8-month-old baby. Decide for or against #emmerdale.”

“Eve was a two year old running around last week, now she’s back in a pushchair talking baby language #Emmerdale,” wrote @kellymew_ in a tweet. “Eve is 3 why have they got her sat in her pram sounding like a baby #Emmerdale,” tweeted @aaron dingles. Why does Eve sound like a little baby when she’s almost three? @DionPetrie questioned on “Emmerdale.”

Sparky Sue wrote: “Eve, a 3-year-old toddler in Emmerdale, worries me since she speaks like a baby and keeps still in her pushchair. My 2-year-old, 3-month-old granddaughter wouldn’t stay in the stroller while speaking well.”

However, others believe that this will ultimately be how Al and Chas’ affair is revealed. Tweeted @penniless poet: “Is Chas genuinely attempting to get Eve to believe her lies? Seriously? #Emmerdale “Lie to Daddy for Me”” “I’m all here for Eve’s first word to be Al – what a brilliant way to expose the affair. #Emmerdale,” tweeted @RyanGSoapKing11. “I honestly hope Eve grasses Chas up #Emmerdale,” continued @JordanPhelps21.

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