ITV Emmerdale fans work out truth behind shock collapse and it’s not what you think

Another altercation between Charles and his estranged daughter Naomi had just taken place. She stormed out on him after feeling that her brother Ethan had pushed them to sit down together, and the compassionate vicar was happy that she was now open to talking to him.

Only in June, a year after his daughter, Naomi and Ethan’s mother Esme, was born, did he learn that he was the father of a daughter. Manpreet approached the church and overheard the father and daughter arguing once more.

Manpreet then observed Naomi leave the church. Charles was unconscious on the floor and suffering from a head injury when Manpreet entered the building.

When Harriet Finch realized what had happened, she dialed 911 from inside the church.

As the paramedics arrived, Naomi saw as Manpreet informed the emergency personnel of Charles’ condition and then asked Naomi to leave, blaming her for the disaster.

Harriet stopped Naomi as she attempted to flee after suspecting her of assault. Charles was in a coma in the hospital when Manpreet revealed to Ethan that Naomi was responsible for Charles’ accident and that she reminded her of her sister Meena Jutla, a serial killer.

Fans have used to social media to speculate about what really happened since they are confident that Naomi is wholly innocent. “He’s electrocuted himself and bashed his skull when he fell,” Dilys Hughes posted on Facebook.

“I agree, was playing with electrical equipment before his daughter arrived,” Lin Langford retorted.

Added Olwen Hill: “It will turn out to be the electrics, but we’ll never understand how he had time to start fiddling with them again. Manpreet will continue accusing Naomi until Charles wakes up, at which point he will clear Naomi and put an end to Manpreet. So monotonous!”

“I assume he fell from an electric shock that Ethan’s beloved should’ve dealt with,” Nicki Smith wrote.

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