ITV Emmerdale fans stunned as they make fresh Caleb discovery with one-word clue and make prediction about Kim

Fans of Emmerdale were taken aback when they uncovered what they believe to be new information about Caleb Milligan thanks to a one-word clue. Now that Caleb’s dad is deceased Frank Tate, viewers of the ITV soap opera now understand why he had a grudge against Kim.

Not only that, but it was also discovered that Nicky, Home Farm’s new nanny, is his son and was installed there by his father as he planned to unseat Kim and claim his birthright.

Despite the fact that not much is known about Caleb other than the fact that he was revealed to be the long-lost brother of Cain and Chas Dingle, a violent argument with Leyla Harding, a new love interest, seemed to reveal a new fact.

Caleb confessed that he was still married, most likely to Nicky’s mother, during Thursday night’s episode of Emmerdale (April 13). However, Caleb stated he was “separated” from his wife and was looking to start seeing Leyla. He said, however, that he was hesitant to be seen with her in public because he “didn’t want his kids” to learn about it and criticize him.

And because viewers only knew he was the father of Nicky up until this point, the mention of “kids” peaked their attention. According to @LoveRealityTV4: “CALEB SAID KIDS WHATTT #Emmerdale, NICKY IS NOT HIS ONLY CHILD. “Kids… so Nicky has a brother?” tweeted @sofaneilas. a sibling? a sibling and a brother? Are we ready to see a dramatic house-wide family fight? Am I allowed to present? #emmerdale.”

Did anyone else see what Caleb said to Leyla, as shared by @sharonharvey2_? “I have children to protect,” as in several. So Nicky isn’t the only one…? Then, is there another Tate coming? @emmerdale, hmm. How many children does Caleb have, tweeted @tamlizann25? #Emmerdale.”

Others believe Kim may be spying on Caleb and Nicky in the meanwhile. Kim was overheard informing Will Taylor that her business partners in Dubai had been made aware of her financial difficulties by someone. Later on in the episode, Caleb was able to persuade Kim to travel to Dubai in order to stop their developers from walking away from their stud farm contract.

Kim appeared to agree quickly, and soon after, she had packed her luggage and was on her way to the airport. After she had gone, Caleb sauntered over and wanted to talk business, but Gabbby Thomas seemed eager to maintain her interests in The Hop.

She protested that it was her responsibility, but Caleb said that Kim intended him to be everywhere in her empire until she came back.

Emmerdale fans wondered on social media whether Kim knows more than she is presently letting on after witnessing Kim give up so readily. Kim is aware of Nicky and the celebrities, according to @Pilch1972. She’s just being cooperative.#emmerdale.” “I refuse to believe Kim Tate is not in charge & all over this Caleb/Nicky shenanigan,” wrote @MichZiff. Kim, don’t try to disprove me. Being foolish is not in the plan, so I won’t be happy. #Emmerdale.”

Kim has a strategy, said @pam_debeauvoir. Caleb is definitely in trouble, #Emmerdale. I hope it turns out that Caleb doesn’t actually have Kim in his hands, as stated by @itzzzo_. #Emmerdale.” The following comment was made by @Chris1968E: “#Emmerdale it wouldn’t surprise me if Kim was already onto creepy Caleb.”

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