ITV Emmerdale fans spot noticeable change seconds before ITV soap

Fans of Emmerdale noticed a significant alteration right before the most recent excursion to the village.

The aftermath of Harriet contacting social services on Dawn when she went home with her late friend’s baby, Clemmie, prompted the ITV soap opera to return to screens on Monday night (July 18).

In the past week, Dawn learned that her friend from her time as a sex worker had passed away. After attending her funeral, Dawn learned that her buddy had a daughter who wasn’t being properly cared for by her sister, Beth, who had obtained drugs while working with Dawn.

Dawn left with Clemmie and went home, taking matters into her own hands.

Surprised, she gave a detailed explanation. Billy and the two made the decision to notify social services, but they opted to wait first.

Dawn was devastated when Clemmie was placed in care after Harriet went home to see the small girl and quickly reported them.

She continued to be unhappy with Harriet during tonight’s episode as she fought to persuade social services that Clemmie belonged with them.

In the meantime, Nicola learned that uploading a video of her attack in an effort to identify the attackers led to a girl being attacked and admitted to the hospital.

She was frightened to learn that others had taken matters into their own hands after looking for a name that kept coming up in reaction to the video.

Fans of Emmerdale were diverted despite what was happening on-screen as the drama underwent a significant transition.

@TVMusings22 tweeted: “ sponsors #Emmerdale? now…How very fitting.” @ShakyWoon noted: “#Emmerdale now sponsored by!” @itzzzo_ added: “Confused.Com sponsoring #Emmerdale is rather apt considering that most of storylines may make you confused.”

They seem to be a fan, too. “#emmerdale has eliminated the postcode lottery yayyyyy,” tweeted @ktlulu1985. “I see is the new sponsor of #Emmerdale. At least we won’t have to put up with any more of those terrible Postcode Lottery skits,” said @peter whiteside.

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As the episode was airing, Emmerdale tweeted: “We’re pleased to introduce as the show’s new sponsor on ITV.

The Woolpack would make a fantastic Sunday roast, you just know it.” Additionally, the pre-soap ad’s featured actor, Rupi Lal, appeared satisfied with his debut.

He tweeted, retweeting Emmerdale’s post, “It’s me! I’m very happy to be a part of the @Confused com sponsorship of @emmerdale, lol. And sure, the Sunday roast at the Woolpack is fantastic! #Emmerdale.”

Last week, the decision had already been announced. The managing director of Continuing Drama, John Whiston, said: “This cooperation couldn’t be more appropriate.

We are excited to have join our team of sponsors. What better time to welcome a new commercial era than as Emmerdale celebrates its 50th year, which is widely regarded as iconic and well-loved?

“This opportunity to sponsor Emmerdale brings this to life as we watch the plots and common confusions unfold in the Dales,” continued Samuel Day, CMO at

For many people, soap operas are the ideal form of entertainment or escape.

Since we were also celebrating our 20th anniversary, it seemed like a natural opportunity to collaborate with a beloved and historic show as it reached a significant milestone.

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