ITV Emmerdale fans spot huge error in Sandra’s twisted plan

Fans of Emmerdale have discovered a significant flaw in Sandra’s cunning scheme to obtain Liv’s money.

It happens at the same time that Sandra descended to a new low in Thursday’s episode by urging Liv, an alcoholic in recovery, to bury her sorrows in vodka. It was understandable that Liv felt distraught about divorcing her husband Vinny.

In an effort to sell Liv’s house out from under her, Vinny and his mother Mandy were caught on camera secretly filming Sandra.

Liv felt she could no longer trust her husband after learning the truth. She gave him a suitcase to pack and instructed him to go.

While the audience is aware of what Sandra is doing, Liv is completely in the dark. But her malicious schemes now face a serious obstacle, as discovered by admirers.

Samantha said on Twitter that the property was jointly owned by Liv and Aaron and that she was unable to sell it without his approval of the purchase agreement. Lyn argued that you can’t sell Liv’s home because it isn’t simply hers, while Chris asked: “So Aaron’s approval before putting a for sale sign up is just ignored is it?”

After earlier this week’s discovery of another issue with Sandra’s strategy, soap opera viewers made the observation. Sandra had persuaded Liv to emigrate to Spain in order to start again.

However, viewers at home felt that this plot ignored the fact that the UK has now left the EU and that it is now more difficult for people to just move to Spain.

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