ITV Emmerdale fans spot famous politician in background of episode

ITV Emmerdale viewers are certain that a well-known politician appeared in Monday’s program. She was seen at the cafe during a scene in the background.

While Marlon and Rhona were being married, the people of the Dales were mending their strained relationships. However, circumstances quickly changed when vicar Charles Anderson was discovered unconscious in the church.

Viewers recalled earlier incidents involving Charles and Manpreet Sharma in the cafe as they watched the tense scenes in which Charles was thrown into a coma. As the duo addressed his estranged daughter Naomi, followers recognized a familiar figure in the background.

Viewers noticed a woman in the background who, despite staying out of the picture, had an uncanny resemblance to politician Nadine Dorries.

Us Viewers When Nadine Dorries wanders into the backdrop of Manpreet’s shot within 5 seconds of the episode beginning! One spectator tweeted their discovery.

“Was that Nadine Dorries in the rear,” another person added.

“Don’t they think this program is painful enough without giving Nadine Dorries a bit part,” a third viewer questioned.

“Nadine Dorries wandered into backdrop behind Manpreet,” was the final addition.

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