ITV Emmerdale fans spot blunder as Sandra makes plea to Liv

As Sandra approached Liv tonight, Emmerdale viewers saw a flaw in the plot.

The cunning mother had been detained for attempting to defraud Liv and her partner Vinny of all their money. She poured wine down her sober daughter’s throat before attempting to get into her bank account.

Later it was discovered that Liv had her own scheme to find out what her mother was really up to, which resulted in “Scamdra’s” arrest. The astute girl was actually sipping water while she pretended to be intoxicated and was aware of what her nasty mother had been up to.

In tonight’s show, Sandra was interrogated by the police and kept responding, “No comment.” She was then released from the station and returned to making Liv’s life miserable only a few scenes later.

She had gone to Liv’s residence to beg her to retract her claim. Sandra explained to Liv that she was seeking her money in order to “defend her” from Tony, who was allegedly after them.

The daughter, however, was having none of it and told the woman to go. Meanwhile, Twitter users criticized the sequences for being implausible.

“How the hell did she get released that quick!!! #Emmerdale,” Jordan exclaimed. “Sandra shouldn’t be permitted around live #Emmerdale,” Roberto said.

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